Marlene Cummins: Whichway Up  

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Marlene Cummins, has been Australia's foremost female Aboriginal blues artist for more than a decade. Growing up amidst the Aboriginal Protection Act of the 1950s, Marlene uses her oppressive childhood and the music of her heroes (Etta James, Big Mamma Thornton and Mahalia Jackson) to create a vibrant mix of original and traditional blues numbers. In the mid 90s Marlene refined her skills as a blues saxophonist and song writer at the Berklee College of Music, Boston USA. In the past 2 decades, she has collaborating with some of the greats on the blues & jazz scene including jazz guitarist Ray Beadle. Marlene's music shares the Aboriginal perspective and is influenced by her father, Darcy Cummins. This EP Whichway Up includes the song Pemulwuy which was written as a gift to her Redfern Aboriginal community. "Blues is not just about singing sad songs, it’s about elevating people’s spirits. You have to go to a place within yourself to do that and that can take years." Marlene Cummins

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Marlene Cummins - Feel So Bad - 3:39 AUD $1.69 Add Song to Cart
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Marlene Cummins - Pemulwuy - 4:17 AUD $1.69 Add Song to Cart