Masonik: The Vedantic Chapter  

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The Vedantic Chapter is Masonik's remarkable debut release - the result of Masonik co-founder, Basil Psanoudakis (Turntables, Samples & Bass), jamming with Indian musician Balvinder Singh (Sitar & Sarangi) and Jazz musician Paul 'Pax' Andrews (Saxophones & Bass-Clarinet). These improvisations sparked a deep dialogue and the idea of a live performance fusing Indian ragga with dub and jazz elements, set against a visual background created by Masonik co-founder Tony Monaco (VJ). The group performed their first sketches titled 'Ragga Adventures in Dub' at the Multicultural Arts of Western Australia event, KULCHA in 2009. Their Vedantic Chapter album was recorded in 2010 by Tony in an improvised live setting. The sessions revolved around introspection and meditation with all members claiming their space, setting up their own rig and tuning into their own headspace. While Balvinder and Pranjal Bora (Tabla) preserved the classical Indian elements of the music, Pax focused on deconstructed jazz, mutating the alto and soprano saxophones and the bass-clarinet to provoke unexpected moods. Basil and Wheldon Thornley (Keyboards) tested the texture threshold - that underlining sonic blueprint which is the core sound of the recording. Drawing inspiration from the sound palette the collective had evolved over twelve months, the recording opened the door to the post-production stage - in essence, the last instrument - adding additional layers and filters, cutting up the sessions and rearranging them into new sonic narratives. The soul of this recording is in the close attention to detail and unusual nuances these unique musicians coaxed out of their sessions together.

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Masonik - Nibanna - 6:01 AUD $1.69 Add Song to Cart
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