Plait Ensemble: Chicken Chilli Basil  

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The Plait Ensemble is a group led by Elsen Price which performs new music inspired by the others members of the group and the current world of music. The group features Zela Margossian, Yutaro Okuda, Adem Yilmaz and Linda Taylor, and gives each member its freedom to create its own, whilst capturing a unified virtuosic undertone.

'Chicken Chilli Basil' is an album created with the idea of bringing together various concepts: humour, virtuosity, improvisation, drama and a bit of unexpectedness. All the music was written with stories attached to them,

'Stop Whinging' is a tune focused on the unimportance of complaining, in paradox, the tune drives forward, with the idea of getting stuff done, as opposed to complaining about it.

'Jam Song' is a fun tune which literally has been a jamming song for a while, with a simple melody, rhythm and harmony, its about being inclusive, and not exclusive.

'Where is my Money' is a bit of a tongue in cheek look at the life of a freelance musician, chasing gigs, chasing money, a small moment of peace followed by the cycle once more, its dedicated to all working musicians.

'13' is a tune which is leterally in 13/8. It was previously called Lemon Tree, but when called on a gig, it was always easier to clarify which tune it was by just saying 13.

'Mascot' is written about the suburb of Mascot in Sydney, Australia. Its a bit of a look at its odd balance of industrial traffic, suburbia plus a recent huge amount of development, which is featured at the end of the track.

'Pneumonia' was written whilst having pneumonia, and not having much else to do. it possibly reflects the overactiveness of ones imagination whilst being unable to leave the house.

'Chicken Chilli Basil' is a bit of a fun tune and the title of a popular Thai Dish, its a mash-up of different things i love to do on the bass, bluegrass, a bit of faster stuff, plus a good dose of unexpectedness and oddness.

-Elsen Price

released September 29, 2017

Elsen Price: Composer/ Double Bass
Adem Yilmaz: Pecussion
Zela Margossian: Piano
Yutaro Okuda: Guitar

Special thanks to: Dianne Cripps, David Heyes, Vanessa Raspa and Benedict Puglisi for their donations to help make this album a possibility.

Mixed/ Mastered: George Sheridan at Music Feeds Studio license

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