Crystal Sky: Two Worlds  

Two Worlds is an EP featuring 4 original tracks written by Crystal Sky. It was her debut EP released in late 2016 and in loving memory of her music mentor Thomas Reid who recorded and produced each song at THR Productions, Tasmania.

The first track – 'Baby Girl' – reflects on her experience growing up as an adopted I-Kiribati child in Tasmania, a place so far from where she was born. She wrote it from the imagined perspective of her biological mother, if she were to see her now. She would only have memories of Crystal as a 'Baby Girl' and to look at her now would remind her how many years went by without each other. Although this song is written from an adopted child's perspective it rings truth to many parents who have had a baby and then to suddenly see this child grown. The music bed of this track features Thomas Reid on percussion, bass and rhythm guitar beside Crystal’s acoustic guitar and lead guitar solo by Jamie Pregnell.

The title Two Worlds represents the very feeling of being adopted and knowing one's self in one world but feeling the pull of another connected by birth.

– 'No need to feel so lonely, I may feel torn between two worlds but one is where my heart is and the other my soul.' – Lyrics taken from the last track written by Crystal Sky and featuring Lachlan Court on piano.


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