Fatback 4Way: Generate Some Action  

Album Download: AUD $1.69

Fatback 4Way is an ElectroBoogie machine from Sydney, Australia, pumping out phundamental funk, super-rare groove and retroactive songcraft. Their human uprockers are convincingly programmed to re-simulate, create and enervate. Their synthesistic, humanistic sounds WILL thrill you. It’s like the group were timewarped for 24 hours into 1984 and came back with the secret rule book for electrofunk domination. Generate Some Action is their debut single.

Within Fatback 4Way’s ranks generations clash and then re-combine, with baby-faced talkbox master Don Dolla and uberfunk Guitarist/Producer Josh Beagley steering a ship that includes a revolving roster of special guest musicians and occasional vocalists.

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Fatback 4Way - Generate Some Action - 5:44 AUD $1.69 Add Song to Cart