Mucho Mambo: Moorish  

Mucho Mambo is a 15 piece Latin Big Band featuring Australia's best Latin and Jazz musicians. Mucho Mambo has been blowing audiences away since their inception in 2002, with tight original arrangements, brilliant musicianship and a unique retro look.

The Mucho Mambo experience is one of a kind in the music world, a truly authentic and timeless Latin Big Band. The orchestra’s dynamic and distinctive sound, world class Big Band arrangements and original look is reminiscent of the golden era of Latin and Jazz genres.

The initial inspiration of the Mucho Mambo line up and material were the wonderful orchestras of the 1950s and ‘60s in Cuba: Benny More, Julio Cueva, Miguelito Valdes, Tito Gomez, Machito, Mario Bauza and Perez Prado, and the Mambo movement in New York with Tito Rodriguez and Tito Puente. The fusion of Latin rhythms and Jazz harmonies and orchestration was commonplace throughout this era and sadly seems less common today.

"Moorish" is Mucho Mambo’s 2nd album with original tunes that take big band arrangements and bring them to the 21st century, mixing in elements of Funk and Jazz to move Latin music forward with a new distinctive sound.

Mucho Mambo’s unique sound blends bold, brassy riffs and driving percussion with big brass arrangements and cool old style Latin grooves. Mucho Mambo’s big sound builds on the classic orchestrations and rhythms of the 1950’s and 1960’s, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha and Salsa, reinventing them with a funky new edge.

"For nine years Sydney's Mucho Mambo have been creating sounds inspired by the supple dance grooves of Cuba's Latin-Jazz orchestras from the 1950s and '60s. The music is played with flawless conviction and great panache. This was delightful music in its heyday and sounds like it was invented yesterday when played by Mucho Mambo." Sydney Morning Herald Metro

"A great new album from this exciting 15 piece band has an energetic vibe with a huge brass sound, amazing jazzy arrangements and the full spectrum of Latin rhythms with some inventive interludes." Cubanisimo, Eastside Radio



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Mucho Mambo - Prelude - 1:06 AUD $0.99 Add Song to Cart
Mucho Mambo - Saca La Mano - 4:56 AUD $0.99 Add Song to Cart
Mucho Mambo - Manaju - 4:52 AUD $0.99 Add Song to Cart
Mucho Mambo - Aguardiante - 4:20 AUD $0.99 Add Song to Cart
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Mucho Mambo - La Chica Mamey - 3:58 AUD $0.99 Add Song to Cart
Mucho Mambo - Palenque de Cimarrones - 3:55 AUD $0.99 Add Song to Cart
Mucho Mambo - La Taberna de Tio Pepe - 4:44 AUD $0.99 Add Song to Cart
Mucho Mambo - Pachanguero - 5:04 AUD $0.99 Add Song to Cart
Mucho Mambo - Moorish - 4:23 AUD $0.99 Add Song to Cart
Mucho Mambo - Reprise - 1:11 AUD $0.99 Add Song to Cart
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