The Kumpnee: Hit Singles  

SHOOT! Baby (2013) and 2 Bux (2012) - Hit Singles by The Kumpnee.

The Kumpnee is a five-piece hip hop, soul and funk band that originated in New Zealand but now calls Sydney, Australia home. Their sound has been described as an unpredictable blend of urban funk, soulful harmony and hip hop, combining electronic synth, live instruments and a raw feel to split genres and form a new sound. They have often been compared to OutKast, Gnarles Barkley and The Black Eyed Peas. The Kumpnee is comprised of co-founder Josh Gage (vocals, keys, turntables), co-founder Ronnie Lavendar (vocals, keys, guitar), Stevie Taylor (drums), Huia Ratapu (bass) and Gino Hawkins (bass, guitar, vocals) and describe their music as 'hip hop your grandma can listen to.'

2 BUX MUSIC VIDEO - Thanks to NZonAir!



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